Handy Nonwoven Fabric


PET nonwoven, HDW-1/4

Reinforced nonwoven, HDW-5

Conductive nonwoven. HDW-6

Flame retardant nonwoven, HDW-7

Grid reinforced nonwoven, HDW-8

Flame retardant nonwoven, HDW-78

PET foam nonwoven and conductive foam

Cable Materials


Semi-conductive water blocking tapes

Non-conductive water blocking tapes

Custom water blocking tapes for use in conductors

Film laminated water blocking tapes

Bedding, binding & barrier tapes

Semi-conductive woven tapes

Semi-conductive water-blocking foam tapes

Flame retardant nonwoven tapes

Nonwoven for special requested materials


Handy PET foam nonwoven and conductive foam | HandyTechtextil


Silent, efficient and strong, breathable, durability, low surface resistance.
Product Applications:


Product Applications:

Construction, air and liquid filtration, components for filtration, cable tapes.

Conductive foam can be used in corona protection, shielding materials, high-voltage machines, high-voltage transformers, high-voltage cables , electromagnetic shielding and anti-static materials.



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